Almond Gel Tip Box

Our luxury gel tip are created to make applying nail enhancements easy.

  • Includes 600 pieces (11 sizes, 50 pieces of each size)
  • Pre-shaped tips are made of soft gel.
  • XXS gel tips are pre etched on the underside of nail for better tension.
  • Provides full coverage nail enhancements and less damage to your natural nails with proper application and removal. 
  • Comfortable, lightweight and thin.
  • Use with our Primer and Gelly Gel for best and long-lasting wear for up to 3-6 weeks with proper application. 
  • Easily remove with Gel Remover in 7-10 mins or soaked off with acetone in 15-20 mins (note: thicker enhancements may need multiple applications)

Directions for use

  1. PREP the natural nail perimeter using the cuticle pusher; use alcohol to clean the natural nail plate.
  2. SELECT a nail tip size that fits your natural nail from sidewall to sidewall. Do not press down too hard when fitting.
  3. APPLY one coat of PRIMER to natural nail plate; air dry.
  4. APPLY a thin layer of UV GELLY GEL to natural nail, while avoiding skin contact, and cure for recommended time.
  5. APPLY UV GELLY GEL on underside of nail tip.
  6. PLACE the tip onto the natural nail at a 45-degree angle beginning at the cuticle area on the natural nail bed.
    1. PRESS the tip firmly and evenly onto the natural nail, avoiding air bubbles.
    2. CURE with the MINI 6W LAMP for 45 seconds. Continue to hold the tip down on nail under lamp for a few seconds before releasing. If gel seeps out around cuticle, use a nail brush to remove the excess gel. Be sure the cuticle area is clean before curing under lamp!
  7. REPEAT the steps for all nails on one hand.
  8. Fully cure all five nails using the full-size UV/LED light for 60 seconds.
  9. LIGHTLY FILE sides and length to suit you. Do not change the shape. Adjusting length is acceptable.
  10. WIPE surface of gel tips with acetone to create sticky layer and apply your favorite gel polish and cure. 
  11. SEAL with the NO WIPE GEL TOP COAT; cure.
  12. REPEAT the steps for the other hand.


  1. It is suggested to file and buff the Gelly Tip to rough the underside of tip to achieve best adhesion.  
  2. File Gelly Tips around cuticle area to achieve best blending and fit to your natural nail.
  3. Applying a layer of NO WIPE GEL TOP COAT on underside of nail enhancements once nails are fully cured will eliminate the sticky layer from UV GELLY GEL that may be showing. This is to avoid small particles from adhering to underside of nails later.
  4. Buffing and wiping top of gel tip with acetone before applying gel polish allows a sticker to form, so no base gel coat is needed.

Cure time: 30-60 seconds (LED light) / 1-2 minutes (UV light)

Size: 15ML/0.5 Ounce

Disclosure: Recommended for professional use only. Shake well before use. Avoid getting product on skin. If product touches skin, immediately wipe product off skin and wash with soap and water. Skin sensitivity and allergic reaction can occur when improperly used. Gel color displayed may differ from actual color due to viewing it on a website screen. Store product cool place and avoid direct sunlight.