Foil Transfer Gel

  • Our Foil Transfer Gel works great with any nail foils.
  • When cured, It leaves a sticky layer that allows the nail foil to transfer easily onto nails.
  • We provide a variety of high quality nail foils that work great with our Foil Transfer Gel. 

Directions for use

  1. Apply an even layer of our transfer gel over any gel color (make sure to wipe off sticky layer from prior gel color before applying our transfer gel)
  2. Cure for recommended time.
  3. Place your choice of nail foil onto sticky layer, firmly press down on foil and smooth out wrinkles.
  4. Gently peel back the foil paper. Foil design should stick on nail surface.
  5. Finish off with our No Wipe Top Coat or No Wipe Matte Top Coat and cure to protect design.

Helpful Tips: When slowly peeling off foil, if you notice a missing spot, press down on nail foil again. You can also apply another layer of transfer gel, cure and layer another foil design on top. Always make sure you are placing the correct side of foil on nails so the design can properly transfer. To prevent chipping/peeling, avoid getting foil on free edges. Applying two layers of top coat and completely covering all edges of your nail will help.

Cure time: 30-60 seconds (LED light) / 1-2 minutes (UV light)

Size: 15ML/0.5 Ounce

Disclaimer: Recommended for Professional use only. Shake well before use. Avoid getting product on skin. If product touches skin, immediately wipe product off skin and wash with soap and water. Skin sensitivity and allergic reaction can occur when improperly used. Store product in cool place and avoid direct sunlight.