Style No. 25

  • Our Luxury Shiny Nail Foils come with 10 different trending patterns in each box.
  • Each pattern comes with over 3 feet of foil. 

Directions for use

  1. Pre-cut strips for each nail. 
  2. Apply a layer of our charm gel or base coat on nail (DO NOT CURE)
  3. Place pieces of cut shiny foil on nails in desired areas.
  4. Cure for recommended time.
  5. Finish off with our No Wipe Top Coat and cure to protect design.

Helpful Tips: To prevent chipping/peeling, avoid getting foil on free edges. Applying two layers of top coat and completely covering all edges of your nail will help.

Cure time: 30-60 seconds (LED light) / 1-2 minutes (UV light)

Disclaimer: Color displayed may differ from actual color due to viewing it on a website screen.